Florida Marriage Amendment Not Dead Yet

With all the anti-gay marriage amendments we’ve seen in the last
few years, you’d think each of the 50 states must have already
considered and settled this issue. Not true.

Florida, infamous for its explicit ban on adoption by gays and
lesbians, has an amendment in the works. And the big news this
is that its supporters’ signatures are not enough.


Our friends in Florida inform us
that despite the signature controversy, the proponents of the
amendment have a significant window of time to gather fresh
signatures to certify the amendment. This is likely to become a
much heated issue with the presidential race moving South.
Proponents will exploit this situation.

If you live in Florida, now’s the time to volunteer and
support the opposition.
Fairness for All
, a coalition of concerned Florida citizens, has just
released an action alert for primary day — January 29. Check it
out, tell your friends, and get involved now!