Talking to Children About Our Families

Greetings readers. This is the first in a series of blogs based on
our newly relaunched publication, 52 Ways to be OUTSpoken.
In case you’re not familiar with 52 Ways, it’s a
supplementary publication from our OUTSpoken program, (our parent
and ally advocacy training program) that gives you suggestions for
actions you can take each week to increase visibility about your
family. Click
to download 52 Ways from our publications

Our OUTSpoken members receive a special email every Sunday with a
fleshed out version of the week’s suggested action. We have
decided to expand on that concept by dedicating one of our blogs
each week to the suggested action in 52 Ways for that

The suggested action for the week of January 13-19 is to
download a copy of the newly revamped Talking to
Children About Our Families
publication and educate the
children in your life about the composition of our

Like all children, our children wonder where they came from. As
they grow older and gain information about biology and how babies
are conceived, they may come to ask questions about the creation of
our families.

The presumption of a mother and father creating a child (which may
be valid for some of our children) is one with which our children
will be saturated through their daily interactions with children’s
books, the media, school personnel, peer discussions and exposure
to various family models. It is your job as a parent, whether you
identify as part of the LGBTQ community or not, to teach your
children about different family constellations.

Talking To Children About Our Families is a publication
that arms you with age-appropriate language and examples for some
of the toughest questions you may receive from your children and
other kids in your life. This 6-page document is available for
download on our publications

We give you the tools, now it’s up to you to be visible. Go, be