52 Ways to be OUTSpoken is better than ever!

Relaunched, retooled and revamped for the New Year, 52 Ways to
be OUT
Spoken is taking 2008 by storm! 52 Ways – as we
call it in the office – is a weekly advocacy guide built around the
guiding principle that small actions create big change. We’re
pleased to share 52 NEW ways to be visible in this new year.

From time to time we like to share some of the feedback that we get
regarding our work. Lara, a transgender parent who participated in
an OUTSpoken training, in response to our 52 Ways reminder to “Turn
Your Friends into Allies Today”, wrote:

I wanted to tell you of a unique opportunity that our
family had this week. Lois my spouse went into the hospital for a
total knee replacement and was in the local hospital here for 5
days during her recovery. During those five days we had to explain
our family make-up, being that I am transgender (MtoF) and yes we
are LEGALLY married and these are our children. Everyone from the
nursing and medical staff on down reacted positively; most
mentioned how well behaved our 3 children were. I wanted to share
this with you because there are positive interactions that do occur
and give us all hope for a better future.

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