Something Cute for Christmas Morning

Well, folks, it’s that time again — Christmas Day. Many of us
celebrate it. Many of us don’t. But none of us can escape it 🙂

At it’s best, Christmas is a day when we put aside work and worries
and cherish the ones we love the most.

I wanted to post something light for those of you checking your
blogs this morning. (Shame on you, by the way. You could at least
spend your time with friends at the movies!)

Turns out there weren’t any blog-appropriate “gay Christmas
cartoons” I could link to, if you catch my drift. But I did find
this — the perfect last minute Christmas gift (besides a last
minute triple-your-money donation
to the Family Equality Council
— how could I resist…)

Check ’em out, marriage
equality finger puppets!

I can already see my co-worker, Julia Bean, who’s developing some
new LGBTQ-family-friendly activities for the 5-8-year-old set,
working these little guys/gals into a roll play. What a fun thing
for that random bit of space on your book shelf, besides.

Well I hope these warm your heart, and whether you celebrate it or
not, that you enjoy this Christmas Day. Take care and see you in
the New Year!

P.S. No idea why the two men are the same height, while one woman
towers over the other. But they are supposed to be two gay couples,
one male/male and the other female/female. Just to be sure.