Presidential Open Thread

Writing for my organization’s blog, I can’t say who I’m personally
supporting for president, but I’ve finally got my eye on someone.
As LGBTQ people and allies, we know how difficult it is to really
get behind the candidates. Let’s be honest — none of them should
receive an A+ on their support for LGBTQ rights, not even the ones
we want to give As to for effort.

Some are better than others, of course, and there’s arguably a
whole group of them that should receive flat Fs. Then again, there
are other reasons to vote for candidates besides their support for
LGBTQ rights. It’s my opinion that our community should put LGBTQ
equality at the fore of our voter scorecards, but we also care
about other things — healthcare, the economy, foreign policy,
women’s rights, education, etc.

So here’s my question to you: If you could vote tomorrow, who would
you vote for? This time next year, who do you want to be your
president-in-waiting, and why?

Leave a comment. Let’s get this conversation started!