BuddyG: a cartoon for LGBTQ families.

Really, BuddyG isn’t a cartoon for LGBTQ families – it’s a cartoon
for all families. However, it is nice to see our families
represented in children’s programming – and not just on principal.
It’s important for our children to see diverse family
constellations in the books the read, at school and in the

According to the show’s creators:

We know we are a minority and that most kids have a mom
and a dad, but for little guys like our son we thought wouldn’t
it be grand if there were something more available to them.
Something like a cartoon, like a Caillou with two moms or dads. The
more we talked about it the more important it became. It was almost
like, if we didn’t do something about it after we had this
fantastic idea, then we were somehow being irresponsible parents.
So out of that, “Buddy G” was born. It took longer, cost more
and was way harder then we thought it would be, but we couldn’t
be happier or more proud of the cartoon and the potential it
represents. “Buddy G” has added incredible joy to our family
and we hope he adds a little happiness to yours.

Click below to watch a video clip from BuddyG, or click here to visit the BuddyG website.