“Shooting yourself in the foot” or “What, they couldn’t find a real couple?”

Towleroad has an interesting post up today: Genre Fakes
Cover Story to “Sell” Idea of Relationship Longevity.

Apparently, Genre had on their cover a while back two ‘hot’ men in
a long-term relationship. Inside the magazine they ‘profiled’ these
men and how they kept their relationship together. The articles
gave tips on making your marriage last ‘forever’. Only…
the men aren’t in a relationship.

Worst than that, one is a straight Playgirl model. The couple is
fake and posing as real.

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Genre has just given fodder to those who believe gay couples
can’t stay together in a long-term relationship, monogamous or not.
Here we have a gay-themed magazine that has to make up a fake
couple from a STRAIGHT man to talk about and profile relationship
longevity. One would think that it must be difficult to find
long-term gay relationships if a national periodical has to
manufacture a long-term couple using a straight pornography model
and sell them as real.

Yet, I know there are legions of such couples out there. They
could have come to me for their research.

I know many personally. I know a couple that’s been together
nearly a quarter century and now raising a boy.

I know a couple who have been together for over a decade and
going strong and raising two children  (and I hope they forgive me
for saying so, but they are ‘hot’ too.. so they’d fit the Genre
need for beauty).

Or they could have just looked to the long list of couples and
families on my blog to
find many long term couples.

Genre attempted to do a good thing (perhaps their tips do
work?), and in the end just shot them and us in our collective
feet. I hope next time they profile a commited gay couple, they do
a bit of research. It wouldn’t have to be much. Just perhaps pick
up the phone or read a blog.