National Safe Schools Roundtable Begins

This evening the National Safe Schools Roundtable begins in
Washington, DC. I’ll have the privilege of participating in the
three-day event, along with representatives from 40+ other
organizations around the country.

The Roundtable, in its second year, is sponsored by PFLAG (Parents,
Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), and will be held at the
National Education Association’s offices.

Participants come from all over, and represent diverse groups.
Primarily, the group seeks out solutions to the pressing safe
schools problems we face: harassment and bullying, exclusion and
ostracization, the impact of hostile school environments to student
performance and health, and other issues.

The convening also helps build closer relationships between the
people and the organizations doing this important work each day.
The better we work together, the safer the schools our kids

I’m excited to be a part of this three-day event on behalf of the
Family Equality Council, and look forward to reporting back on the
outcomes next week! Stay tuned!