Obama favors equal rights – not special rights

I’m going to presume that you might have missed Senator Barack
Obama’s appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Newtork’s The
700 Club
earlier in the month. I’ll admit that The 700
isn’t at the top of my Tivo list, but Obama did make some
rather interesting statements during his appearance.

While talking about equality and marriage, Obama said most people
agree on “equal rights” but not “special rights”. Obama asks the
question, “”How would Jesus feel about somebody not being able to
visit somebody they love when they’re sick?” According to Obama,
there is nothing that points to “special rights” about being able
to visit your partner – a right that gay and lesbian people are
often denied.

Kudos to Obama for his messaging. But let’s not forget: Obama
isn’t in favor of full marriage equality.
Apparently being
able to marry someone of the same gender is still a “special right”
in Obama’s mind.

If you’d like to see the video clip, click here to check it out.