Holiday Shopping Made Easy

It’s November 23rd, which means you have exactly 33
days left to do your holiday shopping. Today, people will be camped
outside big box retailers and hurdling over fellow shoppers all
just to get the last marked down digital camera or the latest

You or your child might get shoved by a disgruntled customer or
yelled at by a frustrated retail worker. You might even trip over a
pile of clothes thrown down in a frenzy at the sight of “30% Off”

Now, you might think such occurrences are necessary evils in the
quest to get a good deal on a great present. But this is simply not
the case.

Here’s my advice: Avoid the shopping madness and be productive
with your holiday gift giving this year. Make a donation to the
Family Equality Council in a friend’s or relative’s name and
help us fund the fight to secure equality for all loving
families. You can contribute to the family equality movement
and create an ally in the process. Twice the value for the
same price!

Plus, you get to avoid the crowds.

Donate to
the Family Equality Council today
. It is only with your support
that we are able to continue to do the work we do.

Happy donating!