I’m not thankful for the Concerned Women of America

It’s the start of Thanksgiving week, but despite the holiday, I
have something for which I am not thankful: Dawn Stefanowicz’s new
book titled Out From Under: the Impact of Homosexual
. Well, it isn’t necessarily the book with which I
have a problem, but rather The Concerned Women for America, and
what they are doing with it.

The book is a memoir of Dawn’s life, and truth be told, it is very
honest. Her father was gay and cheated on her mother. Their family
story is one of abuse, illness (her father died from AIDS and her
mother was chronically ill) and incest.

My problem isn’t with the book per se, it’s with the fact that
Concerned Women for America is promoting Stefanowicz’s book because
they believe it proves their point: that gay parents are bad
. Because Stefanowicz’s dad was abusive, all LGBTQ
parents must be abusive.

You can listen to a full 17 minute interview with Stefanowicz on
the Cocerned Women for America website (if you dare). If
you do, you’ll hear this comment to the author:

What happened to you is actually quite common among
children raised in a homosexual household.  Statistics show that
they tend to be more sexually confused, more likely to experiment
with sexuality, more likely to be promiscuous, and more likely to
engage in homosexual experimentation.”

I’d like see where these “statistics” came from. Perhaps they
should check out the body of
accredited research available on our website

It’s unfortunate that Stefanowicz had a miserable childhood. My
heart goes out to her. But her situation isn’t typical of all LGBTQ
families. Sure, there are some unhealthy LBGTQ family environments.
But there are also plenty of unhealthy non-LGBTQ families, too.