Adopt a Rainbow in Honor of National Adoption Month

Did you know that there are currently 114,000 children available
for adoption in the foster care system?

November is National Adoption Month and November 17 is National
Adoption Day. In order to raise awareness of the foster care
crisis, we’ve launched our Adopt A Rainbow
page. You can adopt a rainbow. Each rainbow
represents a pledge to do one of three things:

  • ¬†Educate one friend about the foster care crisis
  • Volunteer one hour of time with an adoption advocacy
  • Or donate $10 to a related charity

You can pledge as many or as few rainbows as you’d like.
Our goal is 1,140 (based on the 114,000 children
in need of homes). So, check out
right now and make your pledge! And, help is spread word far and
wide so that we can meet (and surpass) our goal – together we are
making a difference!