Where do you turn to become a better parent?

As we often say here at the Family Equality Council, being an LGBTQ
parent is way more about being a parent than it is about being
LGBTQ. Ninety percent of your time as parents is spent doing the
same everyday parent things that non-LGBTQ parents do, as well. You
work hard to make ends meet for your family. You tuck in your
children. You teach them how to tie their shoes. You put them on
house arrest when they turn 14!

It’s no easy feat, being a good parent. All parents fish around, to
see how others are getting the job done. We’re curious to know how
you do it, too. Take our first-ever Family Equality Council Blog
poll and tell us what sources you find most helpful in this

Voting closes next Tuesday, so check back to see how things are
shaping up. And stay tuned for more polls in the future. Because we
all know they’re just plain fun!