Does the bible ‘really’ say being gay is wrong?

A new documentary, For the
Bible Tells Me So
, explores the oh-so controversial topic of
the bible and whether or not it condemns homosexuality. The
filmmakers suggest that this anti-gay bias of the bible is simply a
misinterpretation of information. Here are a few powerful quotes
from the movie:

Reverend Steven Kindle, Clergy United:
“In this particular one, it’s Leviticus Chapter 20, Verse 13,
it says if a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them
have committed an abomination, they shall be put to death, their
blood is upon them – if you read the Bible on a face value level,
that reading disregards several very important things: the first
one is just a few verses before that Moses teaches in Leviticus
that it is an abomination to eat shrimp….It is an abomination to
eat a rabbit.”

Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer:
“A few verses above and below it says you shouldn’t plant two
different seeds in the same hole, you shouldn’t commingle your
crops… There is other text that says you shouldn’t wear linen
and wool together. To just pick out, this is the one that we’re
going to follow…the Bible doesn’t come that way – it’s
selective reading…Those Biblical laws, they’re known as the
Holiness Code. They were laws that were supposed to help people at
that time find holiness in their lives.”

Reverend Susan Sparks, American Baptist Church:
“To me that’s the important thing to recognize: the historical
context in which this was written. That particular section on a man
not lying with a man goes to procreation. It is about a nation
trying to grow. At the time, the Hebrew people understood that male
seed was actually all of nascent life contained right there –
women had nothing to do with actually the birth except for just
incubation, so that particular section was about saving seed,
saving seed only to procreate
so the nation could grow.”

I encourage you all to go see this film!