Out Gay Dad Runs for Office in NC

In case you haven’t heard, Democrat Jim Neal of North Carolina is
running to unseat conservative Reublican Senator Elizabeth Dole in
the 2008 elections. Neal, the out gay father of teenage boys, is
determined to take the seat from Dole:

My opponent is a good person trapped in a bad system.
Like many Washington politicians, her values are upside down. She
lets taxpayers fund her own health care but votes against extending
that care to them. She gives irresponsible tax cuts to her rich
campaign donors but votes against Pell Grants to make college more
affordable for middle-class families. She still backs the aimless
Bush-Cheney policy in Iraq even after costing taxpayers nearly $1
trillion and more than 3,800 of their loved ones’

To the best of our knowledge, Neal is the first out gay
parent to run for national office. You can read about
Neal’s candidacy at Pam’s
House Blend

If you know any other out gay parents who are either currently in
elected office, from school boards to city councils, state
legislatues, judgeships, etc., let us know! Leave a comment below.
Share your thoughts about out gay parents running for office —
what it means for our movement, what you think the right will do to
counter them, and how voters will (and should) react.