UK couple forced to give up foster child over homophobic views

When Dustin sent me this article,
I had to read and then re-read the headline four or five times to
make sure I was getting it right. The headline states: U.K.
Couple Forced to Give Up Foster Child Over Homophobic Views
Go ahead, read it again.

The UK couple has taken in some 28 children over the years, and was
forced to give up foster parenting when “refused to show support of
homosexuality, according to an article in The Daily Telegraph of

The article states:

Social services officials told Vincent Matherick, 65,
and his wife, Pauline, 61, that they had to abide by legislation
requiring them to treat homosexuality and heterosexuality equally,
which could include taking children to gay support groups if they
inquired about homosexuality. The Mathericks said they would
neither support nor criticize homosexuality but that they would not
actively promote it because it conflicted with their religious
beliefs. Their decision prompted officials to move their
11-year-old foster child to a new location.

“We have never discriminated against anybody, but I cannot
promote homosexuality when I believe it is against the word of
God,” Vincent Matherick, a minister and elementary school
administrator, told The Daily Telegraph. “It’s terrible that
we’ve been forced into this corner.”

Looks like things couldn’t be more different on the other side of
the ocean. While we’re fighting for the legal right to adopt in
states like Florida, our friends in the UK are mandated by law to
celebrate diversity in foster homes. Talk about night and