Fascinating Study of Catholic Parents with LGBT Children Released

Fortunate Families,
a resource and networking ministry for Catholic parents of lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender children, has published the results
of their “Parents Voices Project.” The Project surveyed
Catholic parents on their attitudes toward having LGBT children,
their needs as supportive parents, and their feelings on balancing
commitment to faith and church with their overriding commitment to
their children.

Here are some highlights:

Parents are significantly more comfortable now than
when they initially learned they had a LGBT child. Parents are now
quite comfortable with having a LGBT child, and only slightly less
comfortable with others knowing that.

Parents who know at least one other parent of a LGBT person are
significantly more comfortable now – both with having a LGT child
and with others knowing – than parents who know no other

Parents with a higher comfort level now were more likely to have
shared their story, to have found sharing helpful, and to feel
sharing is important. Most helpful to parents was sharing with
immediate family, friends, and other Catholic parents. Least
helpful was sharing with civic officials, Catholic psychologists,
and their bishops.

Parents said advocating for justice in society and in the Church
were the most important experiences or activities. The most helpful
were attending a workshop, advocating for justice in society, and
wearing a symbol of gay support. Least helpful were writing to
secular or Catholic media, and writing to their

Kudos to Fortunate
for producing this interesting and inspiring report.
By and large, the parents of LGBT children want to love and support
them, even if they don’t always know how. This group of parents
is taking a stand for their children’s rights and well-being –
and, we can rightly assume, the rights and well-being of their
grandchildren, as well.

Coming out is a process for everyone – the LGBTQ person, their
parents, friends and other family. It’s not the same process for
everyone, but a process nonetheless.

To learn more about the work of Fortunate Families and to read the
full “Parent Voices Project” report, click here.

To find out how you can get yourself and your family and friends
more comfortable speaking out, check out our OUTSpoken Families
Speakers Bureau.