LGBTQ families gather on

We’d like to thank David for inviting us to introduce ourselves
to the Family Pride blog community. I’m Jeff Bennett, community
editor for and father
of a toddler.

Proud Parenting is a new community gathering space for lesbian and
gay men questioning the prospect of – or currently experiencing –

We offer opportunities for our members to blog, post family
pictures, and comment on 15 different areas of interest to the
parenting community – including fostering, adoption, and

My illegal husband – of 17 years – and I started Proud Parenting to
help spread helpful information and connect people with similar
interests.  We know that sharing and connecting is very empowering
for our community (and sub-communities) – and this isn’t the
first time Mark and I have helped lesbians and gay men connect
online.  We founded in 1995, and worked on that project
until we were ready to try other things.

We noticed the need for an online gathering place like Proud
Parenting when our surrogate became pregnant with Chloe. 
Suddenly, we were searching everywhere online to find other people
like us.

Proud Parenting is definitely a passion project for us.  It’s
sort of an extension of our love for our own family.  You’ll see
pics of us and our friends – and you’ll find other families
sharing their own stories and photos.

Please take a moment and say “hello” if you want. I know that
we helped many others make love connections via  Women
and men from all over the word have emailed to tell us they are in
long-term relationships as a result of our first project.  Now
we’re curious to see if any babies have resulted from our

We look forward to getting to know you all at