ENDA update: House needs reassurance – support inclusive ENDA

By now, many of you are aware that Employment Non-Discrimination
Act (ENDA), an historic piece of legislation for the LGBTQ
community, is on shaky ground on Capitol Hill. Nervous legislators
are concerned that the original version of ENDA, which is
transgender-inclusive, will not make it to the White House. Family
Pride and countless
other organizations
are 100% committed to passing the original,
inclusive ENDA.

We know – and history shows – that when you leave one group behind,
you perpetuate inequality, not move it forward. In the past,
lesbian, gay and bisexual people have been pushed out of
legislation in order to pass a watered down version. To our
lesbian, gay and bisexual readers out there, let’s not play the
same games that have been played with our lives. Let’s make sure
the original ENDA passes, with transgender inclusion intact! Some
in our community will argue that we should pass the non-inclusive
ENDA now and come back later to protect transgender people. Let’s
be clear: even in the state of Massachusetts – the only state in
the nation with marriage equality – employment nondiscrimination
was passed without transgender inclusion years ago, which it still
lacks to this day.

Family Pride tips its hat to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) for
leading the fight for an inclusive ENDA. Visit the Task Force’s
action center to participate in this historic fight, taking the
side of true equality – not equality for some on the backs of