our favorite things

In the spirit of Oprah, we decided to put together our own list of
favorite things. Unlike the Oprah show, unfortunately, we’re not
giving any of them away. If you like them, you’ll have to buy them
for yourself. Here are some of our favorite things for LGBTQ

The children’s book: Holly’s Secret. When Holly’s family moves to a
new town, she changes her name and lies about her parents (two
moms), hoping that she’ll fit in. She learns that her true friends
will stand by her and that love is the most important thing. The
scenes between Holly and her family are very loving and realistic.
This book is great for children 8-12. Check it out here.

Got moms? or Got dads? t-shirt from Family Evolutions. Available in
black or white, and a full range of sizes for children or adults.
to read more.

The children’s book: The Family Book. Written and
illustrated by Todd Parr, this book celebrates many different types
of families in his typically silly and reassuring style. He
includes adopted families, stepfamilies, one-parent families,
“traditional” nuclear families, and – best of all – families with
same-sex parents! Click here
for more information.

All babies are created equal t-shirt from Tiny Revolutionaries.
This 100% cotton t-shirt sends a strong message. Available in
toddler sizes only. Click
to check it out.