developing story: Romney slams Dems over LGBTQ famililes – Family Pride responds

As many of you may know, during last night’s Democratic
presidential debate, a question was asked about LGBTQ families. The
question was:

The issues surrounding gay rights have been hotly
debated here in New England. For example, last year some parents of
second graders in Lexington, Massachusetts, were outraged to learn
their children’s teacher had read a story about same-sex
marriage, about a prince who marries another prince.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, but most of you oppose
it. Would you be comfortable having this story read to your
children as part of their school curriculum?

Then, today, Republican candidate Mitt Romney slammed the Democrats
in a
press release on his website

Last night’s debate was just the latest example of how
out of touch the Democratic presidential candidates are with the
American people. Not one candidate was uncomfortable with young
children learning about same-sex marriage in the second grade. This
is a subject that should be left to parents, not public school
teachers. We need to strengthen our families by passing a federal
marriage amendment and also insisting on marriage before having
children. Change in Washington requires Democrats with the courage
to stand-up to their ultra liberal base and do what’s right for our

Family Pride is monitoring these developments and putting together
a plan of action to educate the candidates and media. As we put
together our plan, give us feedback through our comments. We want
to know your thoughts.

We will keep you posted as the developments unfold.