The Newest Boston Baked Bean: Family Pride adds Julia Bean to the Team!

Hello new friends!

My name is Julia and I would just love to introduce myself to you!
I have a fascination for exclamation points, so just bare with me,
folks! Here are a few tidbits about me:

•    My mother came out as a lesbian three years ago—which
ignited my enthusiasm   for family equality. As one of my best
friends, my mother has always embodied ultimate compassion,
selflessness, and undying love. If her fairly recent title of
“lesbian” all of a sudden makes her a target of criticism and a
“questionable” parent, I can’t just sit still and allow these
fallacious ideas continue to build and snowball in our society. I
am wholeheartedly committed to securing equality for all families,
whether they are hetero-normative or not.
•    While a senior at the University of Maine, I took a
life-changing course called the ‘Sociology of Gay and Lesbian
Relationships’ with Professor Stephen Marks. This was the first
venue in which I was able to come out about my mother and it was
fabulously supportive—it also lit my passion on fire to strive
towards family equality.
•    My major areas of work while in this position will
concentrate on building parent groups, creating youth programming,
and working on the Research Symposium for 2008!
•    I was born in Presque Isle, Maine and spent most of my
childhood biking through potato farms, water skiing up north, and
playing with lobsters!
•    I love hiking and hope to hike the Triple Crown someday!
It includes the entire Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and
the Continental Divide. It takes about a full year to
hike—anybody game?

I have been avidly researching for the best children’s books,
music, and games with themes such as: LGBTQ parents, diversity,
self esteem and tolerance. In the future, perhaps we will integrate
these into our conferences with LGBTQ families. I have also been
making appointments with child psychologists and guidance
counselors to see what direction some of our youth programming can
take! I’m really excited to be here and can’t wait to start
making a difference!