get it on film: making our families visible

Are you sad or mad every time you see ads, commercials, or general
images of “family” and there are no lgbt families in sight?
Well, we found an amazing opportunity to visually showcase our
families! is looking for photos to complete a project called –
America at Home project – the largest
collaborative photo project ever attempted.

Join some of the best photographers in the world who are taking
photos of particular topics relating to the rituals, events and
emotions of Home. Each day you will receive an assignment (see web
site) and will be invited to join the clicks heard ’round the
nation. You will submit your photos of the people, places and
things that best describe what Home means to you and perhaps have
one selected for inclusion in the America at Home book and

Opportunities like these, give us the chance to change hearts and
minds by simply seeing us as “normal,” or “equal” to the
traditional concept of a mom and dad equaling family. We are just
as loving, supportive, silly, fun, boring, etc. as our non-lgbt
counterparts. So snap away and help us continue to shift the
paradigm and share the love!

to learn more about the project. It’s online activism made