ten is the magic number for Family Pride

At lot can change in a few years.

When I was interviewing for my current job at Family Pride, there
were four staff members. That was a year and a half ago.

Now, we have more employees that that in our Programming Department
alone. Today marks Julia Bean’s first day of work at Family Pride
as our tenth staff member. Julia joins us as a Program and
Education Associate. She earned her BA in Sociology from the
University of Maine, and has extensive experience in mentoring and
volunteering in diverse communities. Bean is an adult child of a
lesbian mother who volunteered during Family Week in

Jenn Chrisler, our Executive Director commented on our explosive

I am thrilled with the addition of four highly
qualified and dedicated new staff members. Nina, Daniel, Ariana and
Julia bring a diverse and extensive set of skills and experience to
Family Pride and will make us all the better at working with and
representing LGBTQ families. Our continuing growth will allow
Family Pride to reach more LGBT families, make further progress in
educating the community and advance our rights across the

Kudos the Family Pride team, and to all of you who make our work