sneak peak: Family Pride gets full page spread in the Advocate!

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Family Pride and our amazing
staff are being featured in this month’s issue of the advocate.
Here’s your sneak peak at the full page spread featuring Family
Pride. Click to enlarge the image.

The advocate writes, “The organizations now propelling
the movement have smaller staffs and budgets but major impact. As
the big three [aka HRC, the Task Force and GLAAD] work on a macro
level to lobby politicians, corporate leaders, entertainers, and
other influential movers and shakers as well as pour millions of
dollars – HRC has an annual budget of around $30 million – into
wide-ranging research and initiatives, the “micro” groups featured
on these pages are delivering on their laser-focused missions. The
result? Progress up and down the scale of the fight for equality.
Indeed, the little guy may be the key to our success in the long

Kudos to Family Pride and the handful of other small but mighty
organizations featured in the issue. And a special kudos to you.
Family Pride is an organization defined by its members; it’s
because of engaged supporters like you that our work is possible.
Each time you download a publication, comment on our blog, send us
an email or tell a friend about our work, we take a step forward.
Here’s to the many steps we’ve taken together, and the many more
yet to come!