Sept. 11, When We Were One

Today marks the 6th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon, a day that will always be remembered in
this country–in the world–as a turning point, in so many ways.
Often I find it my duty as an LGBTQ activist to make visible the
many ways our community is left out of or discriminated against in
situations or institutions supposedly related to all. On this day,
I could talk about the impact of marriage discrimination on the
access partners had to their loved ones caught up in the attacks. I
could talk about Social Security Survivors Benefits and health care
costs; powers of attorney; the right to contribute by donating
blood. I could talk about all the ways LGBTQ people are cut out of
the system they support daily as citizens and inhabitants of the
United States.

Instead I think I’ll leave it up to you–to leave a token of your
words as a comment on this post, sharing the story of how you
relate to Sept. 11. Perhaps there’s a loved one you miss and want
to commemorate. Perhaps you just want to send your goodwill out to
the world. Whatever it is you’d like to share or contribute in the
remembrance of this day, feel free to do so here.

I was seventeen when the planes struck. I watched the second plane
hit the tower live. It was an excruciatingly beautiful day in
Greenville, SC where I went to school. I will never forget the
incredible bewilderment of that day.

To all the people affected by Sept. 11, my heart goes out to you.