what’s going on in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Nuagle’s continuing anti-LGBTQ crusade
just kicked things into high-gear at a recent press conference. To
read the full story,
check out this article on Good As You
and read the excerpt

Others in attendance at the Naugle press conference
included the newly formed Healthypublicplaces.com coalition, which,
according to their own press release, is a consortium whose members
come from such extremist groups as Americans for Truth, Concerned
Women for America, Coral Ridge Ministries, Faith2Action, and
Stephen Bennett Ministries. So basically you have a mayor
demonizing gays as public sex-loving perverts, and joining
arm-in-arm with some of our community’s most frighteningly
antipathetic adversaries to do so. And the thing is, these aren’t
even more mainstream opponents like James Dobson or Tony Perkins.
No, we’re talking about the mayor of a heavily gay-populated city
joining ranks with a fringe element of “pro-family” foes who truly
seem to want us to be rendered “ex-gay” or else!! This is not only
a sad development, but also a REALLY, REALLY SCARY

Florida is a scary place to be these days; it’s the only state with
a flat out ban on adoption by gay parents – and now this! It’s salt
in the wounds.