staff update and office check-in

It’s been a while since we’ve given you an update on our staff, our
work and all of our projects. Summer is always a busy season for
us, and this summer was the busiest yet! Not only did we expand our
base of operations to include our new Boston office, but we took on
new programming commitments and three new staff members! So things
have certainly been a bit hectic for us.

Our new office is great. There is a lot of communal working space
(which we love!) and the walls have a fresh coat of white paint.
It’s finally starting to feel like home. All in all, we love
Massachusetts – and in particular, the state’s commitment to

Two new staff members started on Monday: Nina Selvaggio, Director
of Policy & Programs; and Daniel Robinson, Development
Associate. Ariana Flores, our newest Program & Education
Associate will start next Monday. All three are amazing, talented
and brilliant folks that we’re thrilled to have on our team. You’ll
probably be hearing from Nina, Daniel and Ariana in the upcoming
weeks on our blog.

Next up? We have a fundraising event this weekend in
the Hamptons
and then an OUTSpoken
training towards the end of Sept. in Minneapolis, MN
. Also,
look for an exciting new contest that we’ll be announcing at the
end of the month.

Meanwhile, the school year is about to start so Jenn and Nina are
already busy with interviews and programming around our safe and
inclusive schools initiative. Our new website is in its final
stages of completion, and will be launched during our National
Awards Dinner honoring Jamie Lee Curtis and Growing Generations in

And keep and eye to your local newsstand – the Advocate recently
visited our new Boston office and we’ll be featured in the issue
hitting newsstands Sept. 11.

Geesh – with so much work, you’d never know that there are only
nine of us! It’s going to be a busy month and busy rest of the
year, but meeting and hearing from all of you and your families is
all the motivation that we need.