check out the “John Selig Outspoken” podcast

I was fortunate enough to catch the premiere podcast from “John
Selig Outspoken” this week. It’s  a beautifully and professionally
created podcast that features interviews with movement leaders and
role models.

The 63 minute episode opens with an interview of Family Pride Board
of Directors Co-Chair, Ken Manford. Ken Manford talks about his
family and the attention they received after being
featured on CNN

Selig states:

I have wanted to do a show featuring GLBT leaders and
role models along with GLBT writers and my commentaries for a long
time. Thanks to my husband Rodolfo’s prodding an computer skills I
have been able to launch a new facet in my activism and media

I encourage you to check it out at
And look for an upcoming post on the Family Pride Blog from John as
he shares his family story. Happy listening!