gay men’s chorus sings national anthem to families: sparks FRC action alert

I don’t like giving the radical right much credit when it comes
to, well, anything. But if nothing else, they sure are creative.
Hateful? Yes. Irritating? Yes. Unimaginative? No.

You see, about a week ago, the San Diego Padres team advertised a
“Free Floppy Hat Night” giving away freebies to children under 14.
Naturally, the giveaways attracted families with young children.
But the night was also being advertised as Gay Pride night – and
thus, the Star Spangled Banner was sung by the Gay Men’s Chorus of
San Diego.

The ultra-conservative Family Research Council issued an action
alert encouraging it’s supporters to “contact the San Diego Padres
and tell them that baseball is a family game that shouldn’t be
used as an exhibition of homosexual lifestyles.”

That’s one action alert for the record books. You can say what you
want about the Family Research Council, but they don’t strike out
when it finding creative ways to marginalize LGBTQ people.

Thanks to the Box Turtle
for bringing this to our attention. If you’re
interested in writing a letter to the San Diego Padres to applaud
their inclusively, why not use the FRC’s action alert? Just click