Floating On: Nostalgia for the Last Day

(This post was written by Sara Leckey and intended to be uploaded
yesterday evening, but due to technical difficulties that didn’t
occur. So wind your mental clocks back a day and read on.)

It’s my vacation theory that you can tell when it is time to leave
by how wrecked your room has become. My cabin looks as if the
entire contents of my luggage emptied itself out and decided to
party all over the place. That’s how I knew it was time to
reminisce about the cruise.

I thought I would give you my top 3 moments (there were so so many
to choose from– in fact sometimes it’s hard to tell that I have
ever been anywhere but this ship). Here they are, but keep in mind
I probably could have had a top 25 list.

1. The Teen Panel held today. There were panelist ranging in age
from 11 to 22 and all had different family stories, experiences,
and wisdom to pass on — both to other youth in the audience and to
all of the adults present. It was a learning experience and it
caused audience members to tear up (including me).

2. Watching the sunset over Key West. After spending a day melting
in the sun, seeing the southern most point of the United States,
and eating key lime sorbet, I came back on the ship to a
surprisingly cool evening. From the top of the boat (deck 12) I
watched the sunset and saw people gather around for fire throwing
(what?! fire throwing is scary, I like watching from a distance so
a stray torch doesn’t accidentally hit me).

3. Toddler time hosted by Family Pride (I know, it sounds like I’m
making it up — who knew playing with other people’s toddlers could
brighten your day?). They played with balloon animals, parachutes
(remember the game “sharks” where you get pulled under the
parachute — whoever made that up deserves a hug), markers, and a
plethora of other toys. Most importantly all of the parents,
guardians and allies in the room were able to play with kids while
connecting with each other.

Not to mention, the small children sang happy birthday to me (yes,
it is my birthday). Is there anything cuter than kids under four
singing happy birthday to you? The answer is no.