this just in: photos from the r family cruise

Hey All,

As of 2pm EST today, we’re docked at the port in Key West and
families are gearing up for an afternoon of LGBTQ-friendly fun in
town. Some of the Family Pride staff and I are venturing off the
boat, in part to do some work. It’s hard for us nonprofit people to
be without a Kinkos for a day or two, so we scoped one out. Oh the
joyous sounds of copy machines…

Luis, an avid commentor on the Family Pride Blog, has suggested
that we post photos from the cruise as we update. That’s a
fantastic idea and one that we’ve considered, but the trick is that
the Internet connection on the cruise is a bit slow (you know, us
being out at sea and all). It might take a lifetime to get pictures
posted, so unless we hatch a master plan, we’re going to wait until
the cruise is over and create a retrospective for you.

We have some great photos–ones I’m already planning to go up on my
walls at home. I hope you’ll all check back to hear more about our
trip down and the fun and educational work we’re doing on the
cruise. It’s a full week, but we’re commited to taking time to let
those of you not on the cruise what’s happening here. It’s a great
community builder–the r family cruise. Each day we’re even more
grateful for the strong relationship between r family vacations and
Family Pride as we continue to partner to bring both advocacy and
entertainment to our families!

Time to pack a bag for Key West. Talk to you later!