FRC: being gay reduces lifespan, drain on society

A Family Research Council study says that being gay reduces your
lifespan by 24 years. According to the study, this alleged
shortened life span is due to AIDS, drug use and poor driving. But
it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, gays also contribute less to
society. That’s because we bear children less frequently and drain
the medical system due to AIDS and drug problems.

The study’s running commentary points out that disproportionate
spending on AIDS and HIV research seems unfair because “no one has
to… engage in homosexual sex.”

Is this some kind of tasteless joke? No. It’s note a joke, but it
sure is tasteless. Perhaps the researchers should read up on the
largely heterosexual AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The commentary also attacks LGBTQ parented families. Why? Gay
parenting is a bad idea because gays don’t live as long. “‘Gay
adoption’ is ill-advised since, on average, a homosexual couple
aged 35 yr. would be about as close to demise as a man-woman couple
aged 55 yr.”

Just when you think it can’t get worse, the study states: “…gay
rights reduces the constitutional rights of assembly, free speech,
and parental control of non-homosexuals.” Surprisingly, the authors
couldn’t dream up any justification for this statement.

It’s not without surprise that this “study” was funded by the
vehemently homophobic Family Research Council. I seriously doubt
that legitimacy of the conclusion that gays live, on average, 24
years less than their non-gay counterparts. But even if LGBTQ
individuals have a shorter lifespan, so what? That’s justification
for making us second-class citizens? That’s reason to let the AIDS
epidemics in this country and abroad spin out of control? Perhaps
all the gays should be carted away to prison camps where our impact
on society can be minimized. Or did history already teach us that

The level of hate that this group channels never ceases to amaze
me. If you’re interested in reading the study for yourself, click


What do you make of all this?