Washington Post op-ed: experience may be trumping hysteria over gay marriage

I came across an interesting
Washington Post op-ed
published on July 5th regarding marriage
equality and the hysteria that it seems to cause. It’s true;
opponents warn of slippery slopes, crumbling intuitions and the
inevitable erosion of society’s very fabric. The more ridiculous of
marriage equality opponents caution that women will be marrying
monkeys and men will be eloping with emus. But of course, none of
that actually happens. As the Washington Post article points out,
let’s look to Massachusetts to dispel these myths.

Marriage equality was legalized in Massachusetts back in 2004. And
no, “the sky isn’t falling.” In fact, life goes on as normal for
most folks. The difference is this: the inalienable rights of
thousands of LGBTQ couples are now recognized legally.

Despite dire predictions, the institution of marriage
didn’t crumble under the weight of homosexuals seeking the rights
and responsibility that come with it. The sky didn’t fall in
Massachusetts. Nor has it buckled in the District of Columbia and
the five states that offer civil unions or domestic partnerships to
gay couples. Washington state’s domestic partnership law goes into
effect next month. Oregon’s domestic partnership law and New
Hampshire’s civil unions take effect in January 2008. Acceptance of
gay marriage is by no means widespread. Marriage is restricted to
one man and one woman by constitutional amendment in 26 states and
by state law in 19 others. But the tide is slowly changing. Opinion
polls show growing acceptance of gay rights.

Indeed, slowly but surely, the opinion polls are changing. Heart by
heart and mind by mind, we are ensuring that this movement will be

Progressive movements always win. We can look back at women’s
suffrage, civil rights, disability rights, etc., and a common
thread emerges. Progress always wins. Because these movements are
rooted in power and truth, there is no force strong enough to hold
them back.

We may be out numbered and grossly out funded, but because equality
is in inalienable truth rooted in our existence as a human being,
we are unstoppable.