Pushing Family Equality Forward on the Fourth of July

For most Americans, the Fourth of July is a day of barbecues,
fireworks, family and fun. For all Americans, it is a reminder that
the freedoms we enjoy stand on a bedrock of struggle—that all
freedoms require continued struggle. And for lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender and queer parents and allies, the Fourth is a
reminder that our rights are not yet full, that our families are
not yet treated with equal respect. Nationwide we’re still denied
the freedom to marry and the easy ability to protect our kids.

As you spend this Fourth of July with fellow revelers, make a point
to share with others how your family is still denied the full
promise of America: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;
freedom from want and fear; the ability to make important decisions
about our children as we help them grow.

The people in our lives who love us the most—our extended family
members, our co-workers and friends—cannot be expected to fix
what they don’t know is broken. Be specific about how inequality
hurts your family. Tell stories. Give them the good as well as the
bad, because it’s our lives we’re talking about here, and we all
have to work together to make change.

If you take a minute to open a heart and change a mind this Fourth
of July, share your story with the 10,000+ readers of the Family
Pride Blog by leaving a comment below. We must enrich and inspire
each other with even the tiniest actions we take. Help us collect
and spread the stories about how LGBTQ parents and allies honored
American freedom by reminding others that those freedoms are not
yet full, and that we must all work to get them there.

Enjoy the day. We hope it’s beautiful and inspiring for all.

To find out how to share your stories more effectively, check
out OUTSpoken
, Family Pride’s groundbreaking speakers initiative,
designed to making speaking out for family equality all the more
relevant to you.