Family Pride expands to Boston office

It’s no secret that Family Pride is growing by leaps and bounds
thanks to the involvement and commitment of our supporters. In
2006, we were able to invest an additional $262,496 in our
programming ($859,568, some 77% of our budget, was spent on
programming in total). Our website traffic continues to double
every few months and our base is growing faster than the national

So, it comes as no surprise that Family Pride is expanding its base
of operations to include a Boston office. You can read about our
expansion in this
in the advocate. Of course, we’ll continue our work at
the national level and we’ll maintain an office in Washington,

Jenn, our Executive Director, released this statement:

As the only organization that is dedicated to
advocating for family equality on a national level, we decided to
make a strong statement by expanding our base of operations to
include a Boston office. It’s in our best interest to provide the
friendliest possible environment for all of our staff and their
loved ones. Massachusetts is one of the states currently setting
the standard we would like to see all states across the nation meet
in terms of rights and protections for LGBT-headed

As you read this post, we’re busy unpacking boxes and setting up
desks in Boston. Thank you for making our continued expansion