discrimination in the workplace is commonplace

Today, a study from the Williams Institute on
Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy
at the UCLA School of
Law reports that another decade of research points clearly to
employment discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

According to a press release regarding the study:

15% to 43% of lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB)
respondents surveyed since the mid-1990s reported experiencing
employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. These
numbers are remarkably
similar to conclusions from a survey of studies conducted in 1992,
which found that 16% to 68% of LGB respondents reported
experiencing employment discrimination at some point in their

The transgender community is also facing workplace

Transgender individuals reported similar levels of
discrimination, with 20% to 57% of transgender respondents
experiencing employment discrimination based on their gender
identity at some point in their life.

The study also reveals that gay men make 10%-32% less than their
straight counterparts. Regardless of sexual orientation, women
across the board make less than men. There has been no detailed
wage income analysis of the transgender popular.

LGBTQ parents must pay special attention to employment
discrimination and workplace policies. It’s important to secure
such things as paternity and adoption leave. Explore
five ways to make your workplace more inclusive