why we heart volvo

guest blog from Sara Whitman
sounds like an oddly familiar
story – traffic jams, long distance, kids in the back and their
unending fascination with poop and pee (always a favorite). But,
what stood out for me was the comment about driving a Volvo wagon.
Volvo has been a long time supporter of LGBTQ families and
committed to the work of Family Pride. While Sara’s joke about
all lesbians driving Volvos was funny, it is a reminder that our
community is loyal to those companies that support our issues and
our organizations.    

So, we are looking for your help so that we can show Volvo that our
community supports companies that support us.  

As Sara’s blog mentioned, we have many a Volvo driving around in
our community and we would love to send Volvo pictures and stories
of our members with their Volvos – old, new, family vehicles,
buses, Volvos in all of their forms! If you own a Volvo or have
friends or family members that do, please send us photos of
families, friends and allies with their Volvos. Send along a story
as well – of a road trip, general experience, family time in the
car!  We want to be visible and thank Volvo for their support! 
We will be sending Volvo all of the photos and stories we
receive.  And, in exchange for your effort, we’ll send you a free
Family Pride t-shirt just for participating!

Please send any photos or stories to David at david.jacques@familypride.org
We look forward to seeing your faces and reading your road tales.
Be sure to include your name and address so we can send you a