announcing the Rainbow Report Card: how safe is your child’s school?

With report card season upon us, we thought it would be smart to
launch one of our own: the Rainbow Report Card. As promised, we are
launching the beta version of the Rainbow Report Card today! Check
it out at

The Rainbow Report Card is not a survey. It’s an interactive tool
that generates custom recommendations for your family’s situation
with the goal of making your school experience better, safer and
more inclusive of LGBTQ parented families. The recommendations are
based on your school’s policies, practices and overall environment.
No two schools are alike; the Rainbow Report Card recognizes these
differences by custom tailoring recommendations and strategies to
each parent or guardian’s situation. The Rainbow Report Card
celebrates all loving families by ensuring safer and more inclusive

Though we made this tool with LGBTQ parents in mind, it works well
for any progressively minded parent. And, it’s fun to take and
fitted with a live comments feed.

It’s in its beta version, so let us know if you can think of any
improvements or suggestions for the second version.