Personal Stories Made the Difference in MA

The Boston Globe has
great coverage of yesterday’s victory for marriage equality in
Massachusetts. As many of this movement’s leaders have recognized,
marriage in Massachusetts stands as a beacon of light for marriage
advocates nationwide. If we had lost that fight, it would have been
a demoralizing defeat. But we won. And we will continue to win–one
state at a time.

And the reason we won is this: LGBTQ people in Massachusetts wrote,
called and visited their legislators time and time again. They
shared their very personal stories. They spoke of not being able to
care for their sick partner in the hospital, of children who wanted
their mommies and daddies to stay married, of pursuing the
quintessential American dream: a safe, loving home and family.

Lawmakers heard them, changed their minds, and changed
their votes.

Check out this article from the Globe:
“Personal Stories Changed Minds”
. It reminds me why I do the
work I do each day for our families. I trust it will inspire you to
continue being visible, sharing your stories, too.

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