Surgeon General’s Warning: Bush’s Anti-Gay Nominee

President Bush has nominated Kentucky doctor James Holsinger as
Surgeon General, the nation’s number one spokesperson for American
health. Supporters of Holsinger note his 41-page resume, including
teaching stints at various medical schools and serving as health
secretary for the state of Kentucky. As for “qualifications,” the

AP article
goes, Holsinger “seems born to be surgeon

But there’s another side to the story, a side of great importance
to the LGBTQ community and our friends. James Holsinger has a long,
recorded history of anti-gay attitudes, policies and positions.
He’s presided over the ousting of various openly gay and lesbian
ministers in his United Methodist Church, penned articles on the
“physiopathology” (or the “abnormal function”) of homosexuality,
and resigned from committees specifically because he feared the
“liberal” side would win on issues of homosexuality.

With the LGBTQ population in the US estimated in the tens of
millions, the question is: why would we ever send up a biased
nominee to serve as America’s medical authority, when there are so
many other accomplished physicians out there without bias
ready to take the position? How come the extent to which
this man is bigoted is the question–not whether he’s bigoted in
the first place?

If Holsinger won’t stand up for the health and safety of all
Americans, then he shouldn’t stand at all. And whether his views on
homosexuality have changed over the years doesn’t matter; his
public record against homosexuality sends a message to all LGBTQ
people that he cannot be trusted.

Holsinger’s nomination will gain traction in the coming weeks. A
Senate hearing awaits. If you are as alarmed by this nomination as
we are, contact your Senators. Tell them to oppose divisive public
officials. Tell them you expect better out of a Surgeon General,
for all Americans.

*This post was written by Program and Education Associate Dustin
Kight, on behalf of the Family Pride staff.