OUTSpoken “Family Voices” to run on Mombian.com

On Tuesdays throughout the summer, our friend Dana Rudolph at
Mombian.com will be posting
from a handful of our OUTSpoken families.
The series is titled “Family Voices” and the first installment was
posted early this morning. Dana stated:

One of the best ways to strengthen ourselves and our
community is by sharing our stories. Blogs and online forums are a
great way to do this, but I also wanted to expand our horizons and
showcase the voices of families who are not necessarily part of the
online community, or who have experience talking about their
families in other media as well. Reaching out to Family Pride to
interview people in their OUTSpoken program made perfect sense.
These families are leading the fight to make our families visible
and accepted, and I think we can all learn a lot from

Family Pride’s OUTSpoken program has four goals:

  1. We will fundamentally shift the way our families are talked
    about and treated in the media, in our communities and by our
    politicians by raising awareness about both the existence of and
    the struggle of our families.
  2. We will arm thousands of LGBTQ parents and their allies with
    the information to speak to their co-workers, school officials,
    faith leaders, legislators and the media in their own communities
    not only with passion, but with authority and credible,
    indisputable information.
  3. We will counter the vitriolic misinformation campaign being
    waged by the fundamentalist right with credible social science
    research, reliable facts and our own stories.
  4. We will continue to protect our children by creating safe
    schools that both understand and support the vast variety of family

Earlier in the year, one of our trained OUTSpoken families even
appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show
! Watch the video clip

More than a thousand people in almost every state in the country
have been trained through OUTSpoken. Learn more about this exciting
initiative by clicking here and stay tuned
to Mombian.com.