today is blogging for LGBT families day!

Family Pride is honored to be a participant in and the sponsor of’s
Blogging for LGBT Families Day
. The list of participants is a
long one and it attests to our power as a community and as a

It also speaks to the changing faces and changing tools in the
fight for family equality. Ten years ago, people would probably
have thought that a “blog” was some sort of prehistoric amoebic
creature. Today, blogs are sprouting up faster than
bad summer sequels
. According to Technorati:

there are over 175,000 new blogs (that’s just blogs)
every day. Bloggers update their blogs regularly to the tune of
over 1.6 million posts per day, or over 18 updates a

And just who is reading these blogs? Probably not who you’d think.
A survery done by
found that 72% of blog readers are 31 years old or older. An
overwhelming majority of these readers rely on blogs for “faster
news” and a “better perspective.” Wow. Could blogs be death knell
for mainstream news media?

One thing is clear: we are now more connected than ever before. We
can reach more people more efficiently and faster than ever,
resulting in a network of people that respond almost
instantaneously to news and current events.

Blogging for LGBT Families Day is harnessing this power to ignite
change in our community. By making our families visible, we are
challenging the radical right and the political rhetoric; by
sharing our family stories, we are changing hearts and minds across
this great country.

If you would like to participate in Blogging for LGBT Families Day,
it’s not too late: click here. If you’d like to see the long list
of participants, visit