shows its true colors


The San Francisco Gate reports that (a sister
company of will no longer do business with
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Glen Lavy, an Alliance Defense Fund lawyer representing the
company, said Tuesday that will no longer accept
profiles from California and will phase out all profiles from
California within six months.

“The managers of the adoption profiles believe that it’s in the
best interests of children to be placed with a married mom and
dad,” Lavy said. “They believe that when there’s an option,
children are better off having a married mom and dad than any other

I investigated both and and found
that not only do they bar same-sex couples from using their
services; they bar all unmarried couples, as well. But you
wouldn’t know it from reading their mission statement:

“ is committed to helping as many children as
possible find loving, permanent homes…We assist adoptees and
birthparents to find birthfamilies, and we help hopeful adoptive
parents make adoption dreams come true. We are especially committed
to helping special needs children in the U.S. and around the world,
who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find families.”

Their legal representation, the Alliance Defense Fund, is
a major conservative organization whose purpose is to push
“traditional family values.” We all know what that means. and its subsidiaries are just another example of right
wing groups presenting themselves to the public as equal
opportunity organizations when, in fact, they are not. If they
truly cared about what’s in the best interest of children, they
would seek out and serve as many qualified adults, LGBTQ or
otherwise, to provide permanent, loving homes.

Respond to this bigotry. Show and
what our families are really all about—love and commitment, care
and concern. Send a photo of your beautiful family to Tell them your family story. Copy the
e-mail to, so we can keep track of the
response. And if you’d rather send it in the mail, their address

Adoption Profiles, LLC
459 N. Gilbert Rd.
Suite C-121
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Only as long as we remain invisible will these people be able to
drag our families through the mud.