Almost Debt Free: good advice for gay parents

Our friends at Queercents are kicking off a weekly
series called Almost Debt Free. Nina Smith, creator of
Queercents, reminds us that being debt free is particularly
important to parents and prospective parents. It’s always good to
get your house in order (if you can!) before growing your

The series, written by John Montesdeoca, chronicles his
personal success with debt reduction to motivate and prepare queers
and their supporters for debt free life. Like many aspiring
writers, Mr. Montesdeoca holds down a day job to finance more
fulfilling interests. Young and cash-strapped workers will relate
to the rocky path he has endured towards financial

Almost Debt Free will be posted every Tuesday, and will cover
topics like saving for the purchase of a home, financial planning
for child rearing and building an emergency savings fund. Check out for
more details!