free eBook: download “my family loves me”

What do you do with 61 beautiful family drawings by children in
LGBTQ-parented households across the country? You create a free,
downloadable eBook, of course!

This full color and print quality eBook reminds us that love is the
uniting force in all our families.

We titled the eBook “my family loves me” for a very special reason.
When asked on their drawings to fill in the line, “I love my
family because…” these kids overwhelmingly responded, I love my
family because my family loves me. It’s a sentiment echoed
throughout these works of art. And it speaks to the importance of
treating our families fairly.

We hope that you enjoy this book and spread its message far and
wide. You may want to use this book as a tool with:

  • your kids to talk about your family
  • representatives because they write the laws that impact your
  • school board members to change hearts and minds
  • other parents to show what you have in common
  • teachers because they spend seven hours a day with your
  • principals to build safer schools
  • doctors and nurses so they understand the needs of your
  • faith leaders so your family is valued in your place of
  • friends to celebrate your family spirit
  • neighbors to create allies out of friends
  • extended family to remind them that love truly makes a
  • supervisors to make your workplace more inclusive
  • family service providers so they are better advocates for your

A special thank you to everyone who contributed artwork for this
book, and congratulations to Jordan (in California), Mia (in
Massachusetts) and Rosie (in Pennsylvania) for winning the contest.
To check out the winning artwork, click to

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