Christian fundamentalist leaders issue adoption statement: Family Pride responds

A May 2nd Associated Press story (see
this CBS news piece
) reported that some Christian
fundamentalist leaders are calling upon their members to consider
adoption and foster care in response to criticism that their
movement does not do enough to promote the welfare of

We welcome the efforts of Focus on the Family and other Christian
fundamentalists to direct their vast resources toward creating
families rather than attacking them.

For far too long, these types of organizations have spent their
energy baselessly and wastefully attacking families headed by
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and parents. We have long
maintained that – instead of focusing on our families – they should
be combating the real issues faced by children in this country:
abuse, neglect, violence, poverty, hunger and lack of access to
health care and educational opportunity.

It is about time they understood that one of the best ways to help
children is to focus time and energy on finding permanent loving
homes for the half a million children languishing in our foster
care system and the more than 100,000 children awaiting adoption.
We can only hope that, as part of their efforts, they will also
cease their attempts to block qualified LGBTQ parents from
fostering and adopting children in need.

We will be watching these organizations to see how they follow
through on this professed commitment to the welfare of families and
children. We challenge them to step up and join us in tackling the
challenging issues facing all American families, including those
headed by LGBTQ parents.