let’s recognize your victories

We are often emailed by LGBTQ parents or allies across the country
that have secured victories in their communities. These victories,
big and small, are all important and are fundamentally shaping the
family equality movement. They are important reminders that
victories don’t just occur in legislators and courtrooms, but
rather in classrooms, neighborhoods and living rooms across the

Victory is turning a friend into an ally, or donating LGBTQ family
books to a school library. Victory is telling an extended family
member about why family equality is important to everyone. Victory
is changing just one heart or one mind.

We recognize that small actions result in big change. These
victories are important, and we want to share them with the greater
Family Pride community.

As such, we’ve created a new tab at the top of this blog. In
addition to tabs that read “home,” “about” and “banners,” you’ll
notice a new tab: “victory.” This is
your page to share your victories (or the victories of your loved
ones, friends or the local community) with the world.

To list a victory, simply post it as a comment to the page. Let’s
spread the word and recognize one and other for the accomplishments
we are making across this country.