embracing the blogosphere: building a better movement

It’s no secret that the times are changing. The information age has
birthed the connected age – a world of blogs, message boards,
wikis, social networks, RSS feeds and countless other tools that
are functional, fast and free. The world is getting smaller and
we’re more connected than ever before. Information is exchanged at
break neck speeds and, through the internet, grassroots advocacy
and action are ignited faster and more effectively than ever.

In this new world, power is pushed to the edges. Everyday citizens
are given a stronger voice and the tools to express it. Everyday
citizens are given the ability to affect change like never

A recent article by Lane Hudson points to the fact that the gay
rights movement must wake up
to the importance of the
blogosphere. It was picked up by Pam’s
House blend
and brought to our attention by Mombian:

It seems that the gay rights movement may be the least
adept at knowing their value. At a recent event, a leader in the
local DC gay rights movement told me that he “hates” blogs. Other
gay rights leaders have been tone deaf when it comes to working
with the blogosphere.”

We couldn’t agree with Lane Hudson more. With the advent of the
blogosphere, organizations can no longer view themselves as
“mouthpieces.” Dialogue occurs in two directions. And dialogue is
necessary to strengthen this movement as a whole. This new, more
connected world isn’t a threat – it’s an opportunity of monumental

Everyday, at Family Pride, we challenge ourselves to “wake up” just
a little bit more to this new and exciting world. We recognize that
people are much more likely to be part of a plan or a movement if
they have a say in shaping it. It’s why we encourage people to
comment on our blog, write guest posts and give us feedback. It’s
why our new website plan is being shaped by our supporters through

As we continue to challenge ourselves and the organization to open
new doors and travel new avenues, we want your input every step of
the way. This is your movement.

Embracing the blogosphere is just scratching the surface. Wikis,
social networks and other new technologies are powerful tools that
are reshaping the way we interact and the way we work. Ultimately,
if we use these tools effectively, we will be smarter, more
strategic and more powerful than ever.

The world has changed. Let’s challenge ourselves to embrace it.

What do you think?