Listen to Kevin Bacon talk about Family Pride and our families with Ken Manford

It seems that our participation in the Kevin Bacon
is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only did the
competition result in over $40,000 for our important work
(making schools safe and inclusive, defeating anti-family
legislation and promoting pro-family legislation, ensuring that
LGBTQ families are present in the media, building community power
through OUTSpoken trainings and local parents groups, and a long
list of publications and resources)
, but it has also
been an amazing opportunity for our families to be

Just a few days ago, Family Pride co chair Ken Manford had a ten
minute conversation with Kevin Bacon about LGBTQ families and why
this fight for equality is so important (see his guest post). The
conversation was recorded by our friends at (who
hosted the Kevin Bacon Challenge). And now, it’s available
to download!
To listen to the full 10 minute
interview with Kevin Bacon,

click here
. To listen to an abridged 3
minute interview,

click here

Tonight, Friday, April 20, Kevin Bacon is going to announce
the six winners on the
Tonight Show with Jay
. So, set your VCRs and TiVos once again – and call up
your family and friends who made this competition such a

As I look back on this competition, one thing stands out. As a
community of LGBTQ parents and allies – friends, teachers,
neighbors and coworkers – we are tremendously powerful. We are
making change and building a better, more inclusive world for our
families. With this struggle is coming great progress.